The industrial site of the AFRIC-PHAR laboratories is located at KM 12.4 on the regional road 322 AIN HARROUDA Casablanca.

Area: 7,000 m² of which 5,000 m² are covered and divided into:

  • Production:
    – Manufacturing of Liquid and Pasty Forms
    – Manufacture of Dry Forms
    – Weighing station
    – Quarantine
    – Packaging workshops
  • Laboratory:
    – Research and Development and Quality Control Laboratory
    – Storage warehouse for inputs (Raw Materials, Packaging Items and imported semi-finished products)
    – Waste area
  • Administrative premises
  • Technical local
  • Medical work
  • Maintenance


»Dry forms (example: naked or coated tablet, capsules, powder distributed in sachet or bottle, etc.)
»Pasty and liquid forms (example: syrup, suppositories, cream and ointment, etc.)