AFRIC-PHAR Laboratories has a pharmacovigilance unit whose role is to collect, record and participate in the evaluation of reported adverse reactions and any other problem related to the use of health products marketed by Afric- Phar.

This unit is under the direction of Regulatory Affairs whose mission is to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements in force for the development, registration and operation of the product portfolio belonging to Afric-Phar Laboratories, thus providing operational support to others. management of the pharmaceutical chain, in particular Quality, R&D, Production as well as Marketing and Export.

If you are a healthcare professional, a patient and you wish to report an adverse event or any other information related to the safety of the use of our products, please contact us at the following coordinates:

Contact details Pharmacovigilance Unit
Afric-Phar Laboratories:


+212 522 66 29 15 à 18

You can also immediately report any adverse event detected directly to the National Pharmacovigilance Center.  (CNPV)

Contact details Pharmacovigilance Unit of the Ministry of Health


+212 5 37 77 71 69

“The information you provide will be treated confidentially”